The Golden Rules

First time planning a party?

Here are the top 10 Golden Rules to stop your party dream from turning into a downright disaster...


1. ​Book the entertainer BEFORE the venue: most entertainers will be flexible on venue if they have the area, date and timeslot in their diary.

2. When booking an entertainer- ask for recommendations from friends! Good entertainment is ALWAYS remembered!

3. If your little girl loves princesses, don't book a pirate just to please the boys. This is YOUR childs special day, and a good entertainer will be able to keep both girls and boys entertained!

4. Giving out the cake at the end of the party- means you can use the time during the party to cut it, and leave more time for fun and games!

5. Ordering Mcdonalds or Pizza? It's almost always arrives late. Allow plenty of time for delivery!

6. If an entertainer offers balloon modelling, ask when they will do this. On the basis of 1 balloon per minute, 30kids= 30minutes. Who will look after them in the meantime?

7. If you also want face paints, think about getting a seperate facepainter (see rule 6).

8. Don't leave balloons on the floor- stick them on the walls to avoid too many distractions

9. Pass the parcel should have maximum 5 layers

10. Stop, breathe, smile and HAVE FUN! 

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